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PowerTap Releases New Power Meter & Advanced Pedal Metrics

PowerTap releases new power meter and advanced pedal metrics for P1 users



The market for power meters is on the increase, but sometimes the price of this gadget can deter potential buyers. However, companies are trying to make their prices more affordable, either by reducing the price tag of existing units, or releasing single-sided power meters.

According to the website, PowerTap (the US manufacturer which makes the P1, double-sided power meter that costs £1,049) has just released a single-sided option for an entry price of $699 (£533). This cheaper version of the two sided model that was released in 2015 will feature a left pedal with strain gauges and a right side one without.

However, it will be shipped only later this year through national distributors and it will also feature the right-gauged extension in case you would like to upgrade your kit in the future.

At the same time, PowerTap announced a new and improved mobile app for iOS available on App Store, which will feature Advanced Pedal Metrics for P1 users. The app will include analysis on the way the rider is pedalling and moving the cranks into the space. Shown through a vector display, a heat map and a polar plot, the data will also give feedback on how to improve and change the pedal stroke.

The Advanced Pedal Metric will also feature a left-to-right power balance, will track the ride with GPS and will allow you to upload it to Strava.

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