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Verve InfoCrank M30 Power Meter

Verve Announces Increased Frame Compatibility & New 53t Chainring

Verve Partners with Ceramic Speed and Spécialités TA to enhance InfoCrank performance

Verve InfoCrank M30 Power Meter


InfoCrank maker Verve has revealed a partnership with Ceramic Speed and Spécialités TA in a move to drive up the performance characteristics of its popular crank and powermeter combination.

Allowing for enhanced performance on BB386 Evo clad bikes, among others, Ceramic Speed and Verve have designed and manufactured special Ceramic Bearing Bottom Brackets for Cervelo bikes (BBright) to
suit triathletes and also for bikes with BB386Evo, for those who love Italian style Frames. This means for the first time, the 30mm spindle version of the InfoCrank can be fitted to the fastest bikes.

Renowned for low-friction, Ceramic Speed’s focus is to help a cyclist drive up their power output, though cyclists have questioned longevity of ceramics before now. As a result, the bearings now featuring in this collaboration will be between three and five times tougher than steel counterparts.

The second part of Verve’s upgrade comes as a result of a partnership with Spécialités TA, an expert in chain ring production. 53-tooth rings designed by the French firm will now offer InfoCrank users a super-stiff transmission designed for a 30mm spindle. Prototypes of this ring were tested for a year on the road before going ahead with this project.

Both the Verve Ceramic Speed BB’s and the Verve Speed Ring are available separately or in a package for InfoCrank buyers for a supplement to the base InfoCrank price.

Prices are as follows:

Verve Ceramic Speed BB’s and the Verve Speed Ring pricing chart


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