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Power Meters for Sale

Power Meters for Sale

At Power Meter City, we focus only on power meters! We believe this singular focus allows us to offer our customers the very best in terms of value, selection, advice and support. We carry the largest selection of power meters for sale, including 11 different brands, over 70 different power meters with models for road, MTB and track.

In addition, our store has everything you’re looking for: from detailed product listings with complete specifications, videos and of course our Power Central, where we dispense all of our power meter knowledge for your benefit. Through our expertise, content and unique resources, our goal is to take the confusion out of power meters and make sure we find the right power meter for you!

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Power Meters for Sale

Good News: Power Meter Price Wars Are On!

Power meter price wars are on! As the benefits of power meters have become known, they’ve increased in popularity. As they’ve increased in popularity, more manufacturers have introduced new power meter offerings. More power meters results in a more competitive environment which means lower prices. Practically all major manufacturers have lowered prices recently. Whereas before, you might have had to spend several thousand dollars for a power meter. However now, there are a host of quality power meters for sale for much less. In fact, cheapest power meter can be had for only $199! So more options and lower prices = a win-win for consumers.


The Power Meter City Difference

We want to do our part to make sure you can get that power meter you’re set on. We work hard to make our power meters the most affordable you can buy. Here’s the Power Meter City difference:

  • We almost always have power meters on sale
  • Power meters starting as low as $199
  • Free U.S. and the lowest international shipping rates
  • Financing through PayPal Credit
  • 10% off most power meters and accessories when you sign up to become a Power Meter City Insider

In addition, we often have previous generation or close out power meters available rock-bottom prices. These units are often a great choice for someone that is looking to get the best deal possible and is okay riding a previous generation power meter. If this sounds like you, contact us for details.


Power Meters: The ‘Best Bang for Your Buck’

Yes power meters can be expensive. We totally get it (which is why we work hard to make them more affordable as previously discussed). However as a cyclist, you probably spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on bikes, upgrades, equipment, gear and nutrition. We spend this money with the aim of becoming the best cyclist you can be. We also spend this money with pride, as we’re funding a great sport – and one that we love.

But to make this financial commitment and neglect a power meter – a device which is capable of unlocking more speed and endurance than any other training tool – is a bit backwards we think. Dollar for dollar, we can’t think of any other piece of equipment that can offer the potential gains that a power meter can. Power meters are simply an invaluable piece of technology when it comes to cycling performance. And we think they’re money well spent. So check out some of our power meters for sale and let us know what we can do to help – we’re here, 7 days a week.

Josh Matthew

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