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ROTOR 2INpower Crankset Power Meter pictured without chainrings

ROTOR Officially Introduces 2INpower Meter

ROTOR’s new 2INpower which measures power in each leg

ROTOR 2INpower Crankset Power Meter pictured without chainrings


In January, a prototype of Rotor’s new 2INpower meter was spotted on Mark Renshaw’s bike at the Tour Down Under in Australia. Rotor’s current power meter, the INpower, is a left-side-only power meter. However the 2INpower is said to measure power individually for each leg and can provide information about power balance for pedaling efficiency.

Well at the Taipei International Cycling Show last week, Rotor officially introduced the 2INpower meter. It’s important to note that the while some power meters only estimate how much of your total power is coming from your left leg versus your right leg (this is because there is only one power meter on the bike), the 2INpower measures actual left and right leg power – like Pioneer’s Power Meter Crankset, Verve Cycling’s InfoCrank or Garmin’s Vector 2 pedals.

In the case of Rotor’s 2INpower, two additional sets of strain gauges were placed in the right crank arm and are responsible for measuring the right leg. Four strain gauges located in the crank axle measure the left leg’s power output (as is the case with the previous INpower version). The 2INpower will be have Bluetooth Smart functionality and a built-in rechargeable battery.

Last spring, Rotor introduced Torque 360 and Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA) pedal analyses, which are targeted at helping cyclists assess force variations in their pedal stroke. The values resulting from Torque 360 and OCA would enable cyclists to orient their oval Q-Rings around their distinct pedaling characteristics in order to take advantage of their most productive zone.


  • Transmission protocols: ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART
  • Battery: Rechargable Li-ion
  • Data transmitted: power, cadence, balance, torque effectiveness, and pedal smoothness for each leg
  • Material: Aluminum crank arms
  • Sizes: 165, 170, 172.5, 175 mm
  • Weight: 645 grams (172.5 mm)
  • Price: $1,500
Josh Matthew

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